Remember the days ...

    ... we used to walk along this bridge every morning.

    But, can you still remember that before we could walk, we crawled along it…, it was a long time ago, wasn’t it.








    The top floor of Sumanadasa Building, the home of the Quantity Surveying Family, where the infant Quantity Surveyors brought up to become energetic young Quantity Surveyors.








    Moratuwa was a place for differences, conflicting interests, clashes, wisdom, fun, peace and harmony; which together built up our capabilities to respond to any situation.





Next QSAA Cricket Match is on 26th February 2017

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QSAA day Out is scheduled to be held on 14th August 2016


AGM of Quantity Surveying Alumni will be held on 11 December 2015 at Golden Rose Banquet hall, Boralesgamuwa

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Annual Trip 2015

QSAA gathered at Kadolana Eco Village on 25th January


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Transportation in supply chain management – an overview


Written by: Chamali Ayesha

Edited by: Samanthi Menike

To avoid incidents of mismatch between supply and demand, and to establish more efficient manufacturing and lower costs, it is necessary to establish an environment of consistent supply chain visibility. When considering companies, everything from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing and delivering to the sales channels which feed supply of a finished product are essential factors.



Studying Quantity Surveying with a Mindset to Go Abroad: A Caution

The first quantity surveyor to go abroad is unrecorded; however Sri Lankans who had construction background have had a chance to go to the Middle Eastern countries in the latter part of 1960s. Those who started working in the Middle Eastern countries and elsewhere in the World deserve absolute credit for the fame it has for quantity surveying. Unlike those days, exploring international waters in today’s time is really competitive and volatile, due to a host of reasons such as widespread supply chain, fragmentation of responsibilities and the influx of other nationalities. Clients are no longer lay clients and they are desperate in the bid for becoming the best. What matters are the timely compliance, accurate analysis and correct judgment, which is possible only with a proper education, training and experience. Under circumstances, it is timely we revisited the existing local menu in the provision of quantity surveying education.



Professor Chitra Weddikkara – An academician with a properly assorted captivating inclination in the construction industry

By Dr. Chandana Jayalat to LankaWeb


This article is to honor the yeoman service Professor Chitra Weddikkara rendered in the promotion and regulation of the Profession of Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka. The Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka is scheduled to be held at JAIC Hilton Residencies in Colombo on 30th March 2012 where she will wish many happy returns to all its members.


Affably known as Chitra amongst her peer contemporaries, Professor Chitra Weddikkara has been an internationally renowned academic and professional in the discipline of Architecture and Quantity Surveying. In Sri Lanka, she has been instrumental in bringing about a new dimension in education, training, and research sectors in both the disciplines well over a period of 35 years.


State sector needs qualified Quantity Surveyors

A quantity surveyor has to possess an ability to analyze cost components of a construction project in a scientific way. Such results are then applied to a variety of financial and economic problems confronting the developer and the designer. Given the large amount of money associated with construction projects, the ‘value for money’ is what ultimately makes the availability of a quantity surveyor important. Under circumstances, it is time we revisited the existing local menu in the provision of quantity surveying education. Indeed, no one will object to privately initiated delivery of education as long as it is spearheaded by a state mechanism. It is finally the Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka to set standards for the quantity surveying education, as remitted by the Parliamentary Act No 20 of 2007, conferring a nationwide watchdog role. If someone tries to ignore this aspect of standards, by-passing the institute, then it is a matter that cannot be overlooked easily. On the same token, Quantity surveyors have been in the state sector since the time of Public Works Department, River Valley Development board etc. Most of these placements were either contract or project basis, involved in a very limited sphere of work. What has to be done is fairly simple and moderate; first accept in principle the importance of quantity surveyors, and then just revisit the schemes of recruitment compatible with the other allied professionals.


Above is an introduction written by Dr. Chandana Jayalath to his recent interview with Sunday Observer.

Read the full interview here.



Behind a Great Personality

An interview with Mrs. Caldera

A quiet house surrounded by tall trees at the end of the street, I met this charming lady, Mrs. Suneetha Caldera, wife of late Professor Siri Caldera, introduced by a friend Archt. Nissanka Attygalle. She was Nissanka’s elder sister. Driven by my curiosity I enquired, and she was kind enough to tell me her memories about her husband.



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